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Detoxification - what you need to know.

Posted on July 16, 2015 at 12:10 AM

In our culture we are aware of our external cleanliness. We clean our house, our surroundings; we wash a fruit before taking a bite, brush our teeth and take shower. We spend lots of time on external cleanliness but we often overlook our internal cleanliness! Detoxification to me is internal cleanliness. Detoxification is what our body does naturally to get rid of toxins or wastes. In my understanding the primary function of our body is to absorb and eliminate. So when I talk about detoxification or cleansing our body I mean optimizing and improving the function of our body’s own detoxification system. That can be done by eliminating and decreasing the amount of toxins which we put in our bodies and at the same time strengthening our digestive system by providing it important nutrients for optimum absorption and excretion.

I believe an effective detoxification system is necessary for good health and in response to the many requests I’ve had, I have put together my own programs based on what I’ve seen working in my practice. Though the process of detoxification has to be customized, depending on every individual’s lifestyle and food habits. But there are still many things which we all can do to gently cleanse our bodies in our day to day life. Following are my top 5:

1- Drink Water: One thing that can easily help detox is drinking lots of water and when I say lots of water I mean LOTS of water! It not only help flush out the toxins but also improves skin health, supports digestive system, circulatory system & respiratory system.

2- Drink herbal teas, green tea & Spiced tea (Indian Chai): Substitute your morning coffee with green tea or Spiced tea. Green tea provides antioxidants in the most natural form with slight caffeine which can give a good kick to your morning. A spiced tea made up of exotic spices - ginger, cinnamon, cardamom & fennel seeds & black tea will not only provide you your much wanted caffeine but the spices will also fire up your digestive system for rest of the day. Drinking herbal teas throughout the day decreases the craving of caffeine and sugars.

3- Eliminate Sugars – Watch your sugar intake. Eliminate sugar by switching to freshly made juice over the boxed juices which are generally loaded with sugars. Cut your sugar intake through sugary cereals instead opt for oatmeal which you can make from scratch in about 10-15 min. Choose your energy bars & cereal bars smartly. Bake your own banana bread with natural sugars like stevia and palm sugar.

4- Sweat it out- Exercise! Practise Yoga; go for a run or brisk walk. Sweating out for even 30 min a day can help your body get rid of toxins which built up overtime.

5- Increase your fibre intake – Fibre can be an excellent supplement to detox. Fibre helps keep the digestive tract to function properly all toxins and wastes which has built up over the time in your body can move through rapidly with the help of fibre. Try to get fibre through natural sources fruits & vegetables, grains & legumes and chia seeds are to name a few.

Try to make a gradual change in your lifestyle by incorporating the above in your daily routine. Remember a good sleep, good probiotic and controlling your stress levels can help you in a long run!

You can book a One on one consultation or Family Consultation to get your own or your family’s Detox Program exclusively designed for you. If you are a corporate or a group I also offer workshops on detoxification. With my knowledge of both Nutrition and Yoga I offer a great blend of Detox for Body, mind & soul.


Manika is a registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Registered Yoga Teacher. She is also certified as Prenatal Yoga Teacher. She resides in Markham, Ontario in Canada and provides her healing services Worldwide. She believes that a good health and happy heart depends on both healthy body & mind. Her hobbies are doing Yoga, spending time with nature, hiking, cooking nutritional meals, reading inspirational books, music & dance. She is a life lover and loves spending time with her husband & her Baby girl!







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