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Nutrition Consultation Services   

All the Nutrition consultations are customized just for you. I will analyze & design a diet & lifestyle program according to your individual needs which will provide you the key to maintain your health.

I will give you simple & easy cooking tips, shopping tips, how to make healthy choices when traveling & dining out. We will discuss how to follow the program consistently & become successful. Though most of the information is discussed on your appointment(s) but you are welcome & encouraged to call or email me for any questions. With your consent I will email you once in a week to ask you for your progress & give you moral support!

You can benefit by increasing energy levels & therefore productivity; manage your weight, balance hormones, balance blood sugar problems, manage inflammation, reduce stress, strengthen your immunity, alkalize your body – maintain optimal pH balance & overall health. You can improve - digestion, sleep quality, skin, & diet quality.

Some common health issues I consult on:

All our Nutritional Consultant services can be purchased online or by phone at 647-868-9709Your nutritional consultation can then be fulfilled via phone or at my Markham location (about 35 minutes from Downtown Toronto).

You can also purchase Service(s) for Gift purposes to friends & family. Please feel free to ask us for Gift Vouchers.

Stay Healthy Naturally!