Simply Natural

One on One Consultation

I will focus on reviewing the Health Profile form that you will fill out prior to your appointment. I will discuss your present health and how it has evolved over time. I will also review any diet plan you are following or  supplements and vitamins that you are taking for quality and effectiveness and we will make adjustments where necessary.

Going forward, I will develop an individualized plan for you to address and monitor your health concerns. We will focus on building up your nutritional foundation as we work through health issues progressively. I want you to learn how to correct imbalances in your body so education will be a large part of your experience with my service(s).  Your consultation will include – assessment on your current health profile, Personalized Diet plan, Supplement recommendations if needed, Lifestyle program & general tips to acquire your goals.

We care about each and every one of our clients and we strive to help each valued client reach their individual health goals. You will learn to take charge of your health! We provide services in person, via telephone  & via email.

Investment: $105.00 for 1.5 Hrs. * 



 * Please ask for our subsidized rates if you are not covered by an insurance plan.