Simply Natural

Pre-Pregnancy Consultation

This Consultation is ideal for those women rather couples who are ready to get pregnant. Nutritional intake plays an important part in development of healthy baby. Taking the correct combination of natural foods, vitamins and probiotcs are beneficial several months prior to conception. It is also important to consider other nutritional issues such as food sensitivities and gluten intolerance.

This consultation will include a comprehensive evaluation and nutritional assessment based on a questionnaire. I will do a full assessment of  nutritional needs and possible deficiencies based on information provided by client and food log analysis. I will provide you thorough information & educate you with all the related topics. 

Your consultation will include - assessment on your current health profile, Personalized Diet plan, Supplement recommendations if needed, Pantry clean out, Lifestyle program & general tips to acquire your goals.


Important: It is NOT advisable for women to follow a very low calorie diet while trying to get pregnant. Remember to always consult your heath care provider before starting any nutritional or supplement.


Investment: $110.00 for 1.5 hrs. 

 The Rates are same for Telephone Services.